Jul 30, 2006
yea yea..i told my family a lie except my sis caroline : firstly, i told my mum tat i'm going out with my friends (yaya i'm going out with my friends to watch superband recording!! if i let my mum know she will slice me into half man.Arg~~) Next, when i got home, my sis Anna ask me, "eh, u go out dating ar..stilz wear until so nice.." (yup, sort of..but i'm dating wif superband..hahaha..and some ppl, u know la) thirdly, my dad dunno abt anything..he just know tt i got home on 12 tat's all..lol!! sorry i lied becos i know you all sure don't let me go if i say i'm going superband thingy! some wanna to share my happy stuff to ya:
  • i meet hanse, my gege and have a great chat with him yesterday!! he is such a nice man yea! thanks 4 ur tics by the way =)
  • i saw the most funniest scene vics does..laugh until head off xP
  • i took photos with so many ppl..so happy becos i love taking photos man..luckily i din appear to be very ugly in those photos =P
  • i took pics wif the air con master and i admitted i'm short ok! don't look "down" on me =D
  • i joke around in the mdc and chat until i'm very shuai b4 i left!!
  • i managed to get home at 12 otherwise my sis will phone me and kaopeh me!!
  • happy feelings and memories kept in myself even now..xD
  • i suddenly become the most luckiest gal in singapore becos u told me so.. thank you ^o^
  • someone praised me very pretty yesterday! thanks, for lying to me but i appreciate tat!!
  • i helped someone to make her dream come true! misaki stilz din forget her and now she is stilz over the moon..like me too!!!

ya. tat's all happen yesterday, for ur information..my friends around me! don't jealous of me plz becos i'm not use to it!! i can do it so u can, be confident =D