Jul 21, 2006
Wa, these few days i hav been sleeping long hours..i watch the pirates of the caribbean liao..very nice but no ending and i got stay till tt credits finish to see tt stupid dog! it's cute but if i know it will show a stupid dog in the end, i sure won't stay de!! the credits are so long lor..Back to sleep again, i din really care do to so much things (becos i kept sleeping)until it all compile like a mountain in my hse!! nobody wants to help me, damn it..i always help them do stuffs and now i got problems coping with the hse chores, they immediately run away like saw ghost..Ah~~..i really can't help it but to do becos my hse is going to be in a mess or rubbish chute soon..And i found out tat cockroach (big + small) is invading our home..Really fed up cuz sometimes when u r doing hsework and a xiao qiang crawl into the room! 20 days to my prelims..i never revise at all becos i really can't kick the habit of study at last-min..and my work is all around the places..i shall get things done quickly b4 i go enjoy myself tis sat and sun! so excited abt tis sunday event at bishan! Last of all, ARG..hanse, ur performance(22/7) is always at a day tat i can't make it n where the hell is tat place? i didn't go there b4 =P sorry i will not be coming becos it clashes with my timeslot and u din tell me earlier!! hope u read tis =D heehee.. going off le..bye xD seeya if u got go sun's event!! tel me if u got go by sms ok ;)