Jul 15, 2006
There are five new friends in my life now...4 guys who is from superband and 1 girl who is a fan of JADE..description of my 4 new friends:the first guy likes patrick star and influence me to become one of the fan too..at first, i don't really know much abt spongebob..the first thing come to my mind when my friends are talking abt spongebob "oh, spongebob is a walking sponge which lives in the sea and know how to talk! " hahaha..i dun even realise the presence of patrick star..but now, i'm quite interested in spongebob and patrick star after knowing him=P n i kept playing wif tt patrick toy and i find it so cute^o^..his guy is also very cute la but muz smile more often ok? i shld be the mei wei ke kou de spongebob now..lol^^Second guy is a supporter of italy..i didn't get to chat with him much becos he always gone m.i.a ..but he is a really cute guy and i admired the passion he had playing electronic guitar!!Third guy is a person i'm quite disappointed with but i stilz treat him as my friend la..he is frm SIA and he has a great vocal but too soft..he give me a very good impression at first but after tt i find him a bit dao and stuck up..he is the first guy i like in superband but after a time when i realised the bad side of him, he really turns me off..sad to say (the second n third guy are linked to my new girl friend..)four guy is a person who like to draw comics..he is very friendly but busy also..i know him through friendster..hahaha..although he is more mature than me a lot (me 16 him 25+) i tot his name is pronounce as "hands" at first (it sounds a bit stupid)..lolxD------get the hints who these guys was mah? hahaha xP------
lastly, is a girl i mit in friendster too..she add me first and after the first chatting session with her, we click..thus, we become friends from tat time onwards!
i really wanna to thanks ur for being my friends. i will treasure these friendship de.Through superband, i really know a lot of good n talented guys and girls.."not all guys who knows how to play music are badies" i agree with tis,man..although they look fierce or " not so good", they have a kind heart..i can see from the way they speak..however, good luck to all becos ur all gotta perform in Grand Final right..maybe after grand final, you will not be as busy as now..Work Hard Guys! see ya in the Grand Final bah..don't forget about me and chat with me hor!