Jul 3, 2006
sweetest memory
i thought it's a dream
but it's not, we are damn lucky man...

On thur, we received a letter..Yeah! it's the revival round Tics *hurray*
--->fast forward...
On sat, i decided to go gym with my sis,caroline..at first, we saw the gym is filled with ppl and the equipment we wanted to use is not available at all! after tat, my sis finally gets the chance to use the treadmill, den follow by me...i have done 4 equipments..the cycle 1, another lik the ski board 1 , treadmill and the pull pull 1...haha=D..each 20 mins so great! but after we gone home..muscles aches all around and my ankle is strain..every steps i walk is painful *arg* ....
--->fast forward
On sunday, it's the day of revival!! i dress up as pretty as possible and set off with caroline..we took 132 bus and the worst thing happen... we are not sure where to alight, so we ask the bus uncle for direction..at first, we don't even see any mediacorp..so we walk and walk..and suddenly realised tt we r walk up the slope! so tiring and it's goin to 6..i'm realli scare i cannot get there..finally miracle happens, we saw mediacorp after walk up the "hill"
the next problem comes..there's no one there..we walk inside and i see tt one handsome guy, staring at us like aliens..but i ignore him and continue to walk..we are at the carpark and suddenly my sis saw some1 and say "ur idol leh!" i din wear specs so i can't see..it's samuel lau! but i missed the chance liao la..then we ask some1 where to go to reception..he say walk into carpark then got stairs there..we realli walk there and got into place written reception..we entered the place and kanna scold becos there is highly stricted place!! HOW WE GOT THERE!!!! -->fast forward a bit becos i realli hate it when after climbing the hill stil kanna scolded!!T-T
When we entered the TV theatre, first thing i say is "wahh" so many ppl and we get a seat tt is behind the judge..hahaa..when we saw shinya,vics upstairs..we scream like siao!wat's next is during short break,they comin out from the exit...*faint* screams until no voice and took lots of pics with them