Jul 18, 2006

"Sorry that i can't share the happiness with you but i know there's a better person to share your happiness with..i'm just nobody to you maybe but i just hope to see you and the people around ya happy..that's all "

A lot of things have been going through my head recently..i donno why i feel so sad until tears start rolling down my cheeks..maybe i think too much le..

Anyway, thinking about the result show yesterday, i'm so relieved when lucify is the second to be enter grand finals *hurray* i tel u already tt lucify will make it!! they are so shuai on sunday recording, although shinya didn't sing quite well due to his sickness..but i stilz think tt they are so great!! however, rest well everyone..i dun wan anyone to be sick becos of GRAND FINALS preparation!! *wink* i'm going to tt superband event on sunday, hence, seeya =D