Jul 15, 2006
sorry sorry everyone..i kinda forget about tis blog until someone reminds me of it..a lot of things happened tis month..sad ones and happy ones..there are some happy memories..After tt revival round, i'm so excited to go for the next SF1..but i don't have tics!! Luckily, a kind soul provide me with tics, nic sis,amanda..tis time we muz change our plans and cheer for milo peng instead of lucify..i like both actually..lucify mostly xP (i will like anyone who loves music and play instrument, so cool but i'm born lousy in handling instruments..just knows how to sing!) i decided to give a surprise to him..haha..here comes, Patrick Star ^o^ at first b4 i know him, i din really know there's patrick star exist in spongebob show..after buying tat toy 4 him, i think i kinda fall in love with it..The day b4 SF1, i feel like not giving him and kept it myself..hahaha..but i stilz gave it to him! at first, i'm so shy and finally got some courage to give him (with the presence of her gf) tt toy..he looked surprised and smile (first time he smiled so happily in the photo taken with me^^) i ran all the way to the pillar to hide when the fans beside him said "eh, patrick star leh..vics good friend.." i feel so paisei, lol..it sounds like i'm very thick-skinned =P..but i just hope to see him happy after he received tt toy and treasure it becos i don't really give guys gift except from my dear daddy..you r counted the 2nd person bah xD lucify has done a great job on SF1..ya so fast-forward to result show..i stood so near the stage directly facing lucify..a bit shy but i gotta wave to him..kinda awkward becos all eyes looking at my direction when the TV, which is right beside me, flashed the soccer news..at first i tot y r they staring at me like tis..after tt i realised the TV is beside me..tat's why (i think too much le!) when the result is announced..i'm so happy tt lucify can go to d next round *hurray* but they r the last to enter next round..a bit worried so ur muz jia you wor!lalala =D when everything is over, we waited at reception area..every1 wants to flee away including u becos it's pretty late..nvm, becos i know ur already very tired le..everyone left except kel and misaki but it's a good thing- kel chats with us the most..we walked together with my sis until the gate of mediacorp n we left 1st becos some fans stil don wan to let him off..yeah, my sis is damn happy becos kel is his 1st idol in superband!..nothing much more..but here comes those sad ones=(..i kanna scolded by my mum for going to the result show becos it's very late..but i also don care much abt it, i wanna to support patrick ma so i rather kanna scolded n tis is onli the 1st time i'm going result show!! when i entered the TV theatre where the result show takes place..we stood near the stage for quite a long time for it to start..*tired*..fast forward a bit..when it left onli mantou n lucify,i'm very worried n i shouted "jia you vics, jia you lucify" Nic sis and her friends stare at me (as if i donno but actually i don care) with tt look like we r betrayers..a little unhappy abt it but i din say i onli support milubing ma..why muz we received tis kind of look? haizz..fast forward again>>> me n my sis waited abt more than 1 hr for lucify members 2 come out frm reception..but sadly, you just rush away like a bullet train n i didn't get to chat & take photos with you..kinda disappointed becos we knew tt we surely cannot go 4 the SF2 due to my mum's indirect implyin rejection..next person is nic, my sis is bloody disappointed in him after 2 times chasing after him but he ran away so fast like the speed of light..she just wanna 2 take pic wif him n give him something, she really wish to give him becos tis might be the last time to see him in person n HE RAN AWAY!!haizz..fast forward until yesterday>> nic sis called me n ask whether i can go for SF2..though i reject her immediately by saying "i'm very busy, sorry.." ,but i wished i can go.. supportin lucify n after tt can take take pics n chitchat..haizz, sian T-T even though i stay at home i also won't study..i donno why she wanna to forbid us for going,kinda lame..on 12/7, i have my eng n-level oral examination.i'm the 1st person in the exam and i'm not even prepared yet..i'm too nervous when i'm reading the passage,even simple words i also can pronounce wrongly n keep correcting myself which is even worst..eg "skirt"i read as "shirt" *fuck* in conversation,i say all sort of craps to d examiner(i didn't even know wat i'm talking abt)..i'm doomed n i hope tt they will not giv me a Big "F" for my oral..if u find me very unhappy and moody tis week, don't be surprise becos i'm really very sad..In addition, jia you lucify..you can do it xD ..vics, muz take care even though u r so busy now! happy bdae,shen ri kuai le,omedeto o-tanjo bi!to ningzhi and all the july babies^^
end tis here..i will try to update my blog *wink**wink*..seeya ^.^Y