Jul 31, 2006
"may i should really wait, wait for something to strike between us..but when tat time comes, i really donno wat to do..can u plz tell me so? i shall wake up, really wake myself from my sweet dreams..i hope tat's onli a dream becos i won't pin some hopes for impossible things to happen..."

SuperBand is gotta to be over soon..maybe i can't see all my dears and darling anymore leh..kinda sad =( becos through superband, it brought us together and leave a very happy moment for us..i really have much friends who love music, singing and playing all sorts of instruments and now, i can meet so many at one time! u can say i sounds childish or anything.. but i'm speaking the truth! the words deep in the bottom of my heart =D thanks again you guys...happy ending le..do contact me often and anyone can kindly juz teach me more drums and electronic guitar ok?
muacks to tis ppl who i treasure my relationship with :
sabrina =D
liyana =P
peishi xP

ji rong x)
hanse gege =)
and vics xD