Jul 15, 2006
looking back to my past posts to change something.. i feel like laughing man..yuan lai i'm so childish de!! and my english also damn lousy but i don't care much about..the aim is to understand more about me!! ya if u notice i have change the blogskin and type more things le..u will realise tt tis thing happened a few days b4 le..becos i'm quite lazy to read blog thus i onli tok about it in class..and forget abt my blog le..so here comes my new blog and i will try to update de..plzplz link me and continue to view my blog..my blog is for ppl to see and tag..not to rot there..those who view my blog can also recommend to other friends.hahha..if u wan lah=P hahaha..mmm and tis blogskin is found last time after two spoil ones..finalli it manage to come out something i expect..otherwise i'm gonna to peng becos i sat in front of the com, keep changing n changing blogskin...either not suitable or spoilt ones..damn it! nothing much to say..becos everyday i always chat until 6 p.m and sleep until 4am in the morning..when ppl sleep i wake up...haha=P i also dunno y am i so lazy to go out..my friends keep asking me to watch movie, some say kbox and some say shopping but i cannot get my lazy bones up..i onli got the mood to go superband and now i can't even go..nvm, wait til the grand final then i wll try all my ways to get there..becos i made a promise to someone liao..anyway, about dating patrick out..i think i gotta to wait bah..u so busy stilz say i can date u out to lim kopi =P maybe in the later days when u r free then tis time u muz treat drink milo peng(becos i don like coffee)..kekeke..for "hands", maybe if you got time i will go to see ur performance..remember time is for us to enjoy mostly and work sometimes..relax and stay happy ^^..got online then chitchat with u! rmb beware of someone who grab you frm behind..tat's me =D don be scare!!okok..i gotta to do own things and clean up my messy rm le..
bye patrick bye "hands" Y(^(oo)^)o take care