Jul 23, 2006
It's so fun yesterday..i manage to get up on 8am (i slept at 4+) and get prepare for the celebration for pauline's oncoming brithday on 23/7.We enjoyed a lot.At first, we went to pauline's hse void deck downstairs and gave her a surprise becos she don't expect there's a cake in front of her eyes! then me, jiamin and andrea went back to andrea's home to take presents and stuffs needed in the chalet..and proceed to mit pauline, fran and elaine..we ate at whitesands food court and tata..we reached pasir ris park, the place where the chalet is..when we entered our "bedroom", we started sorting out things and ready for cycling. At first, they say since i donno how to ride then can rest there and watch them cycle..But i don wan, hence, i rent a bicycle too and started to learn how to cycle. Begining is a tough one. I can't even balance myself! After a few struggling, i'm stilz at the same spot. I always nearly ended up in the grass but at last, i finally know how to cycle short distance (w/o obstacle or people blocking the route) within 1hr!! so great..maybe it's nothing to ppl who know how to cycle but i'm really happy =)..Next, we play uno and heart attack..i always get caught not saying uno and always got the slow reaction in heart attack! and then, BBQ time!! in need of fire, our food hardly get cook or worst, burned. At 9.30, we finally got to rest and eat. Watching tv and munching some snacks is so nice. I feel like staying overnight to finish up all the snacks and play but i have to send and accompany jia min home. Thus, i didn't stay! sad but we have lots of fun and saw LEETENG (superhost) at the park..When my fren told us abt the presence of a superhost, we all turned our head and i say "Oh, LEETENG!" pretty loud(my frens say de)..to my surprise,he looked at me and he is more handsome in person! Wow xD i have a cut on my hands and mosquito bites on my legs..sad becos today going superband event at bishan! Sorry, hanse..i didn't go for ytd event becos it's pretty too late for reach there! hope you will understand=P patrick, i also wanna go scape but i have no time leh, booked by my frens le! so sorri all but nvm.. seeya soon..i can mit ya at where at anytime b4 12 midnight ok? sms me xP Gotto sign off..good morning! zZzZz(^(oo)^)