Jul 28, 2006
i reflected to the past. i'm very glad through all this superband thingy, i learn a lot and meet many good people (including ppl who love music like i do) through this, it brings me nearer to you all..i really treasure those friends esp. p.s. and hanse gege..they are good guys leh!!! i'm waiting..really waiting and eager for the grand finals!! becos i can't stand naggings from my sis and mum anymore..i also wanna to study but i can't focus tat well..i tried to study in school a bit le, so please don't stress or say me anymore cuz i nid some time to clear my mind and focus on studies! even if u stop me seeing superband (tat is kinda lame cuz it's going to end in 1week ++ time) i also can't study.. I'm also very scared i get a fail or poor results, i also feared of retaining.. BUT i'm trying ok =) i muz really thanks my friends for all the encouraging and consoling words.. i nid to brainwash myself again aft superband Grand Final and prepared for prelims and Ns ! i will do it de, for the sake of someone..hahaha xD