Jun 24, 2006

is tat how u feel when u don't like tat person?

*hohohoho* *laugh till siao*

sometimes i really love tt feeling but it onli lasts for a while..(getting irritated) by tt person..juz simply comment a bit becos onli my sister carol will face tis problem bah *flooded by guys* ..lol..oops =X -i think if she knows tt she will break my neck!! i don have the standard la!don't have the LIAO to compare =P

talking about guys..why so many guys crazy about world cup and getting addicted to betting? not a very good sign cuz I HATE BETTING!! if u're like to gamble so much muzwell use the money to make a donation to me la...i'm really bankrupt personally le!! T-T so sad...

**u can make some donation to me** by taggies

hahaha^^..money can buy me a rainbow ma? hohoho..boo xD