Jun 24, 2006
sorry everyone..my blog cropped up and i haven't updated for so long!!
currently busy with housechores and self entertainment...hohoho =P
school is going to start soon and i'm not even prepared for anything yet cuz there's a lot of things happen in my family during these days..although i don't sound sad when chatting with friends but actually i have lots of stress in my brain (even though it is not an examination period). Such problems are money matters especially, mum sickness, my elder sis getting ill too, the medical bills i have spent when i suffered from food poisoning 1 week ago and many more..i can't really remember all too!! =( there's a mixture of happy and sad events happening tis month and i had enough of everything..T-T *sob* *sob* ..i have been staying at home, rotting and doing household chores for almost the end of month!! when can it stop? i have no idea..*haizz*.. anyway i stilz muz look on the bright side of life becos there're always friends who tried to console me and stuff like tat..THANKS to these ppl [my sister, caroline san, alvin san, faiezah, yiyen and peini and more..] maybe i shld give them a BiG kiss when i see them xP bleah(^.^)Y