Jun 2, 2006
currently feeling a bit sad and a bit unsure..mixture of feelings..Sometime, i feel tat although i call myself very mature , actually i'm quite kiddy inside too..Yesterday, i went for my hospital appointment..When i entered into the scanning room..they all treat me like kids..maybe i seems to be their youngest patient bah!! during the process, tat lady give me an injection..at first, it pains..which usually does not happen...After everything, i removed my plaster and saw a small dot of blue-black..T-T no wonder so pain.."she inject it at the wrong place!!!" my godness...I went to make a spectacles and cut thick and curl hair...i love my hair now..more neat and not tat thick le...but the worst thingy i haven't say....i nid to wear specs all day man!! wa, i really don like specs..very kuku and ugly..i think my confidence level will drop until -1 after wearing tat nerdy specs...I juz an Ugly duckling and after wearing tat thingy will make it worse...sad=(..