Jun 26, 2006

i'm so happy. first time i cook for three of the members in my family..At first, i really forgot how to cook it becos it has been a long time i din cook porridge..By the way, it actually cropped up =P..i dunno why but ended up i need to scrub the pot after cooking it..*ShiT* i nearly use half an hour scrubing n scrubing all the burnt part in the pot..(luckily i din burn the whole house xP)..i'm the first person to eat my own porridge =) the looks of the porridge is good *relieve* but the taste...far from the standard!!! *vomit*....AT 1 am when my dad and my eldest sis came back, they ate my "you xue you han" porridge. I was so surprised tt my picky sis will say "it tastes nice"...dunno whether she got bluff me but it sounds really GREAT !! *hehehe xD*..mmm, i will never wanna to cook again if i haven master it becos I HATE TO SCRUB THE POTS!! bleah =P..

But i'm still so happy about the comment she say becos she rarely say tt!!