May 23, 2006
Wa, today i am very sleepy. Maybe because i'm too high about the superband revival round yesterday. And most importantly, can see JADE again..( actuali i only wan to see terence n my sis wan to see xiao long=P )...But luckily, Lucify stilz wins in tis round...they'r great man!! i like their japanese style....( mixture of "paigia, ah beng" n "jokers" )'r sang the 'yiqizoubareally rocks to the core man!! But personally, i really like Terence man!!! he is the most handsome de guys in the superband... if he is my boyfriend, i will happy until siao kawaii! ...i'm also find samuel lau in qi nobi very kawaii..becos he blur blur de..rap also very nice..n guai guai de (very funny jiu dui le)..hmm..So if lucify and qi nobi gets into final two, i also don't know who to choose because both grp are very GOOD man xD After all, they'r actually very guai de--can see frm their faces, action and speech=D
Anyway, it's sad that JADE is out becos i cannot see my shuai ge anymore.. but i hope i can see him or speak to him one day xP...
or someone like "terence" so shuai de cum woo me...i think tat will be great!! But he is a bit too old for me...24 is actually young...sadly, wat's a difference in age...i will be like small little girl to him T-T !!!