May 29, 2006

Pretty little bride alike....

with who? time to guess....

hahaha..wait till my Prince charming come lor..



we have lots and lots of fun man...Although there's a big , deep hole in our pockets now, but i never had enjoy so much since this year...The clothes and shoes there are so cheap man, you can bargain the prices too...Wa, i think i'm the onli one in who enjoys shopping in this sale..becos when i talk about it...asking them whether we got go shopping during the weekends and you know what's the reply i get back...One says sarcastically, "Siao ar!! don't need $$ meh.." N other says "I rather go home and sleep!!"..i find it so irritating and boring to hear our brainless and sarcastic plenty of time to sleep man at home (i don't do homework at home or something)...i rather buy what i want now rather than wait until you really need a shoes, clothes or etc. Then you buy that thing you want at the actual price..Plus, who says chinatown is lousy??..OG and other fashion places sells the same quality items lor but at a cheaper price..i'm really provoked when i said that i went to chinatown to shop N they giggled and whispered that chinatown so "LowClass and a place for obasang onli"..i really cannot ta han this type of people..they can go & eat ELEPHANT shit le!! Anyway, i don't want to spoil my i don care so much le!!

I'm excited to get the SuperBand recording tickets!! i plan to send five mail to channel U so that i got more chance to get my tickets..i'm really looking forward to this whole event. In addition, i also wanna to support lucify and qi nobi because the music they produced are great... i think it's better to be there than watching Tv..However you can get more "HIGH" if you watch the LIVE telecast...Uh...but still unsure if i can get the tickets first so don't put so high hopes...hahahahahaha...YeaH, my birthday is around the maybe my next post will slightly takes a long time ( but my definition of long time is always 2, 3 days )

::: i' m not responsible if you don't like what i wrote about the sarcastic ::::