May 19, 2006
yeah..this is my updated blog with new blogskin!!
haizz..i have nothing to do after exam so i updated my blog
my exam result are very poor man..very great difference from last year and this cause me to be so sad..
stil got ppl can come to me and say "your sis den teach you meh?"
wat the ****..if everything my sister help tat mean i can't do anything myself is it? i'm quite annoyed by this, really..becos it sounds like i'm incapable to get any good grades w/o the help of my sister..i agree that my sister had helped me in some subjects like math, chem, ss..but she onli tell me wat to study for the rest of the subjects and i really study myself de!! sad to say, now everyone will thinks tat i get A2 for my combined science all because of my sister..i lost more confidence, ego and pride!! But anyway, i have to thanks my sista, also called my sen sei, because for some subjects even though she didn't teach me, she stay up with me until late at night about 3a.m ..sorry because i didn't really get any good grades(worse than last year)but i tried..thanks to all who teach me in my studies during tis period!