May 21, 2006
i just don't understand...if you don't like wat i say then don't listen to it...because gemini me don't think before they talk!!! i'm just giving some suggestion and if you don't want to listen to it, fine..i am not asking "you" to lend old, ugly shoes to her, u know..that pair of shoes is i bought for her recently and she say it's nice...i ask "you" to lend her is being very good le..but the third party, that is my mum, scolded me for being "kaypo" wat's the problem here...i don't think that is wrong and if u don't want listen to my advise, don't listen lah..wat's the big deal!! and the third party argue with because of this tiny little thing....*pissed*...i really very very angry, fuming mad, boiling hot and a wave of futile rage swept over me. i dashed out of the room because i really find it A bit that all my fault?? i really don't know =(......haizzz T_T