May 26, 2006

3 main criteria i look for

  1. humorous
  2. handsome/cute
  3. gentleman

most girls are the same bah? but for me, it's like tat =P.. And just a tip for guys if you wanna to woo girls...please show 2 things : initiative n sincerity..[ don't make girls feel bored with you ]...Me, i like guys who can joke with me becos i'm lame lame kind of person...if u r not handsome, u must be kawaii ba- depends...gentleman is a basic thing guys muz know.. but i can't find any in singapore..i bet those good n gentleman guys are facing girls esp. me hate silent (imagine those idiot guys can be speechless over the phone when u r waiting for him to talk...go to hell man..and most irritating is,he keep expecting u to find topic to chat..) come on man, girls are there to answer questions only..if you wanna chat with girls on phone or anything, please prepare a list of topics u wanna to ask in your memory box..don't make feel that u're boring such as staring at her n waiting for her to start talking or silent on phone..*pissed n turn off* if it happens on me, i will be annoyed and feels like slapping him 1000 is ok..but TOO talkative is intolerable..too talkative= nag like an old man..i met a guy b4 tat is extremely talkative..i keeps asking me questions (tat is good), but if i don't feel like answering tat question which is too personal..he will keeps on irritating you with tis question..however, i shut his mouth off and walk away with frustration..sometimes gemini me is a weirdo..i lost interest in things very quickly and wat does this symbolise?? for me to know, for u to guess!! xP